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Our gloomy January weather here in Kentucky has left me feeling completely unmotivated to pick up my camera. Or to do much of anything, really. (Except bake and consume cookies. Seriously, last week I baked iced oatmeal cookies, and I’m pretty sure I ate the entire batch myself.) 

So, today I’m sharing one of my favorite shots from our trip to Ireland last year, when I couldn’t seem to put my camera down. We were somewhere along the Wild Atlantic Way, in County Kerry near Dingle. The brilliant turquoise of the water took my breath away. It was nothing at all like the iron gray I’d always expected of the North Atlantic.

Photo of two children on a cliff overlooking the ocean on a stormy day in County Kerry, Ireland

We stopped at an overlook to get a better view of the beautiful waves crashing below, and the sight of my two babies, an ocean away from home and all they’d ever known, seeing the world for the first time, stopped me in my tracks. They looked so very small there at the edge of that big sea. Of all the blessings on our trip, I think the one I’m most grateful for was being able to see it through their eyes. This picture brings all those feelings back every time I see it. I think it may have to go on the wall.

I can’t wait until we get swept away again.


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