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Sunshine, blue skies, sand, and water as far as the eye can see, with colorful beach chairs just waiting for you to kick back with a cold drink.

I wish I could say that I took June off intentionally, a scheduled break, but the truth is, it was just one thing after another and before I knew it, July was here. While most of the things that kept me occupied—weren’t much fun—we got sick one after another . . . my daughter broke her hand . . . you get the idea—we also spent a week at the beach.

As it always does, the week went by far too fast and when I was looking for a photo for July’s photo, I decided that it had to be a beach scene, so I could pretend I was back there with my toes in the sand. I hope you enjoy this little dose of Vitamin Sea as well!

Now that we are back from the beach and settling back into our summer routine,
I’ll be spending some time getting organized for our next school year, working on
something new and exciting that’s coming to the blog soon, and working on my mystery
novel, which if all goes well, will be available in October.

How are you spending your summer? Do you use the downtime
to check things off your to-do list, or is it all relaxation all the time?


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